Pavel Hruby


Visio stencils for UML and SysML

Model-Driven Design Using Business Patterns

REA Technology


Pavel Hruby, Ph.D. My main areas of interest are software architectures and software design methods, patterns, and new trends in software development.

In 2006 I wrote a book with Jesper Kiehn and Christian Vibe Scheller on Model-Driven Design Using Business Patterns, which uses REA (resources, events, agents) as a common backbone.

The book is also available in Japanese.

Most people visit this web site to download Visio stencils for UML and SysML.

The Publications section summarizes my work in domain-driven development and software architecture for business systems; and in the light-weight methods for designing object-oriented software.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the UML stencil, or published work, please contact me at ph @ I usually respond quickly; if I don't, please send your e-mail again.